Nostalgia can be a sinking ship: how to get over nostalgic feelings

Nostalgia — a bitter sweet longing for things of the past.                                                                                                          

There’s is not a single person on earth, that doesn’t reminisce; every now and then, something reminds you of what we used to do, who you used to be with, your old friends, loved ones that have passed, your childhood, old TV shows, times when you laughed so hard your stomach hurt, or even painful moments. You can’t exactly erase those memories, because they created a strong emotional pathway in your life. No matter what you do, the past and all its emotions spark up in your mind, once in a while. Well, that’s simply human.

Good or bad, you can’t throw away your history or past, because they remind you of where we’ve been and how far you’ve come. On Instagram folks put up their old pictures with #Throwbackthursday. So, you see, old memories can be a joyous thing. There are times when old memories of your success and past experience can boost your confidence and encourage you to face a challenge, live a happier life and avoid a regrettable mistake. That’s the good side. However, constantly reminiscing on past events and hoping things would happen exactly the way it happened before, can be harmful for you.

Re-chewing the past and hoping to recreate the exact same feeling of the good old days, can keep you stuck in a rut. It’s like being on a rocking chair, you’re constantly in motion, but you’re still at the same spot. A lot of things can trigger the intense feeling of wanting the past back in different people; music, food, cologne, visiting somewhere you used to frequent, seeing your ex, the fear of change or something new. Replaying your past over and over again, robs you of your moment. It steals away the opportunity to create something beautiful right now. One thing is for sure, you can’t get your past back, but you sure can make the most of your now. What can you do if you cannot stop yourself from rehashing the past? Here are suggestions to help you regain control.

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#1 Pinch yourself and be realistic                     

Confronting yourself can be uncomfortable, but it’ll definitely be worth it later on. Appreciate your past; the relationships, your mistakes, old friends, music, TV shows, the great times you’ve had and the bad times you’ve had. Then make peace with it, you can’t relive your past, but decide to take steps every day to enjoy your today, and make the most of it. Your best days are right now.

#2 Don’t shut the door at nostalgia, but hold the key

You can’t completely avoid the feeling of wishing the past could awaken, it’s human to feel that way. Everyone reminisces, and that’s OK. However, you can exercise control and keep those feelings from making you stagnant.

#3 If you’ve tried and you still can’t help yourself, no worries, seek help ASAP

There’s no shame is seeking help, in fact it takes half of the burden off your shoulders. If you’ve done all you could, and still can’t stop yourself from nostalgic feelings, seek medical help. Your physical, mental, emotional and social health is priority.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking about your past every now and then, as long as you stay on the right side of your past, and use it as a lesson to build a better today. Keep thriving dear.

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