5 ways to break free from Boredom & Monotony

Boredom and monotony are like festering wounds, you’ve got to do something quick about them, else they’d worsen, and may cause anxiety, depression, low work performance and low social skills. The thing is, boredom and monotony do not exactly mean the same thing, but they overlap. While Boredom means a mental, emotional and physical disinterest in your environment and day to day activities, Monotony is boredom that results from doing same old, same old activities, mundane tasks, routine at work and repetitive tasks.

 Not to get it twisted, nature prospers through routine; the sun rises and sets, seasons appear at almost the same time yearly, the heart pumps blood and so on. There’s nothing wrong with routine, in fact to be able to have rock solid progress in our lives, we must have our routine to show for it. Whether it’s taking classes everyday so you can graduate with a degree, or brushing your teeth every single day, or cooking, nursing your baby, doing laundry, going to work, and the list goes on and on. Whatever it is you do, routine is inevitable. If routine is helpful, why is it posing problems such as monotony and boredom?

Few causes of boredom and monotony

 First off, there are different things that trigger boredom or monotony in different people. Here are a few things that do:


#Lack of interest: This seems quite obvious, but once you delve into things that you’re not one bit interested in, you are likely to get bored in the long run. Say your kid is not interested in playing Video games, but you convince him to join in the family game night and he decides to give it a try, he plays, but is still not interested, chances are he’d be bored to death, because he’s simply not interested in that activity.

#Resentment: You may wonder how this correlate to boredom or monotony, until you sit back and really think about it. We’re emotional beings, and if we resent something someone did to us; maybe your boss at work, or someone you’re in relationship with, you may zone out on anything that relates with them, and soon lose interest.

#Someone else controls your time: Once you feel like you don’t have control over your time, you’d start to feel stuck in a rut and boredom becomes a cry out to regain control of your life.

Truth is, nobody likes the unpleasant feeling that boredom and monotony bring, we want more than anything else to break free from them. And sometimes, in the bid to drown that feeling, we do things we aren’t exactly proud of; drink to stupor, take ecstasy drugs, flirt and make out with strangers. We search for the one stimulus that will make us feel good again. Well, the good news is that something can be done about boredom and monotony. Check these out:

#Sandwich your routine with something exciting: Since you can’t exactly stop yourself from your important daily routines, you can add an exciting spark to them. Say you prepare your kids for school every day, you can add something extra to make it fun for you, perhaps set a timer to see how fast you can get them ready. The point is, get creative with your routine, try out new ways of performing your daily task.

#Take a chill pill and have fun: All work and no play will make you explode into tiny bits of atomic boredom. You’ve got to make out time intentionally to have fun, rest, see a movie, hang out with friends, go for a picnic, go mountain climbing, whatever it is that intrigues you, go for it.

#Do things you’re passionate about: Passion is fuel, it keeps you interested and going. Instead of resorting to popular opinion, go for things that you have a deep sited passion for.

#Acts of kindness: There’s a refreshing and satisfying feeling that comes with showing kindness to people in whatever way you can. It motivates you to want to do better, so you can reach more people and add value to lives.

#Learn new stuff, your brain can handle it: One of the ways to break the boredom cycle is to acquire a new interest or learn a new skill; writing, baking, sewing, Interior decoration, speaking, community service supervisor, and so many others. It will give you the opportunity to expand your horizon and creativity, and of course keep boredom at bay.

Every now and then, we face boredom, but the win comes from deciding to kick it the hell out, or using it to unleash our greatest creativity yet. In all that you do, I wish that you keep thriving.

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