Huge boobs — The most common problems

No kidding, having big mammary glands sure has its perks; Heads turning to gawk at your awesome figure, superb floating abilities during swimming because those big melons serve as a floater. It’s said that it’s pretty hard for a busty woman to drown. During cold seasons, bigger breasts serve as a biological fire place, because the adipose tissue in your breast can assist in keeping you warm. With dense bobbies, you’d definitely look alluring and really hot in clothes. More so, since it requires sufficient hormones to makes titties that big, busty women are rarely infertile because of the abundance of hormones. Even more, big boobs don’t lack milk to nurse their babies after putting to bed.

Even though having two big goddesses on your chest is awesome, it has its down side, especially during sports. Nevertheless, we have seen celebrities like Serena Williams win big even with her big boobies.

Here, let’s check out problems that only big boobies’ women can relate to:

#Jogging plus a bouncy ball

Not just jogging, but exercise in general can be painful for big breasted women. When they are out running or jogging, big titties get really bouncy like a trampoline, except that it’s not fun at all, but really painful. Sometimes our big breasted belles have to cup their melons in their hands to avoid pain. One of the ways to help stop this pain during exercise, is to wear super supportive sports bra, or wear work out top with a button for extra support. More so, you could really try on different recommended safe sport wears, to know what works for you.

#Sleeping on your stomach, who are you kidding?

People may not realize this, but sleep patterns is not that cozy for busty women. Lying on their stomach, is really uncomfortable, causes pain and can impair breathing. Sleeping on their sides, also causes pain either on their left or right arm, if they sleep on one side too long. However, hugging pillows while you lie on your sides can help distribute the pressure, while taking it off your shoulders.

#Catcalls, awkward stares and comments

Catcalling is something women experience every now and then, but with busty women, it seems to be exaggerated.  Different busty women have agreed to receiving awkward stares from both men and women, it gets really uncomfortable and affects their confidence sometimes. Folks even go as far as saying mean and crude things to them, like “Can I get some milkshake?” “Why don’t you trim your melons, they are humongous!” and many other mean comments. The truth is you can’t control what people say about you, but you can control how you react to what they say. Ignore them, and walk with your head high. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.


Big boobs can get heavy, and the heavier your melons, the more pressure it’s likely to put on your thoracic outlet; a narrow triangle where the ribs, shoulder blades and nerves meet. Sadly, this pressure can lead to back and neck pain, numbness in the hands and arms and even migraine headaches. Usually when the pressure becomes too difficult to handle, breast reduction surgery is required to ease the pressure on the body. One non-surgical way to take the pressures off, is by wearing the right bra size.

Overall, whether you own big boobies or small tits, know that you are a beautiful woman and the world has got nothing on you. Keep shinning honey.

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