8 Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine is all about reaffirming the love we have for our loved ones in the best way we can, in this case through gifts. Sometimes it can be hazy trying to figure out what to buy for your man; would he like a fishing set or a smart watch? What do men really like? It can even feel more difficult if you’ve only started dating and you’re only getting to know him. Perhaps you and your husband have been so long together that you don’t know how to re-introduce the element of sweet surprise you both used to have. Valentine is a perfect time to bring the love game back to crescendo, and here is a list of gifts that would set his soul on passionate fire, when you give it to him.

#Indoor romantic dinner with a twist

Never underrate the cupid power of a sumptuous meal plus a well-set table (you can set dinner on the floor if you want too), with glowing lights, scented candles, roses good wine and music. Ohlahlah! When you two are done eating, don’t call it a night yet, remember this is dinner with a twist. Be vocal with your feelings for him; tell him how fortunate you are to have him in your life, at the end of your heartwarming expression of love, give him a gift, no matter how small.

#Add to his wardrobe

Except he’s a minimalist, men don’t get tired of having cool stuff in their wardrobe, especially when it’s from their woman. You could buy him a really nice tie set with cuff links, a shirt, a nice leather jacket, a blazer, bombas socks, sweat pants. Whatever you decide to buy make sure to wrap it really nicely and always leave a warm note.

#Ticket for games/ music concert

Blow his mind away, and buy tickets to see his favorite game or his favorite music concert. He will never forget this mind-blowing gesture ever.

#The gift box

Have you ever heard of the gift box? The gift box is exactly what its name suggests; it’s a box that houses a variety of gifts. So, in a gift box you could have a pair of socks, chocolate, wine, wrist watch, boxer briefs, tie, shirt etc. it is basically a combination of different gifts in one box, whatever combination you pick is totally up to you. He would be amazed by the gift box and he would tag it his box of goodies.

#Grilling set

Perhaps your bae has always wanted to grill at the backyard and invite friends over for BBQ, but for some reason he still doesn’t own a grilling set, now is the time to surprise him with one, and watch him smile at the thought of you every single time he grills.


#Gadgeterize your love for him this season

It could be a smart watch, phone, apple air pods or even a mini expresso machine. All you need to do is think through a little bit, and figure out which gadget you think he would very much want or need so badly.

#Frame your feelings and watch him hang it on the wall

Words are powerful; they can melt a stony heart in one sentence. This season you could make something your man can hang on the wall, something that constantly reminds him of how much you love him. Write down your deepest heartfelt feelings for him and have it framed. You could also go the extra mile and customized a mug for him as well, so that every time he drinks with it, your words comes flying in.

#Sunglasses and an aesthetic necklace

You know your babe’s face shape that is why it will be easier for you to buy the most suitable sunshades for him. Sunshades are a must-have and he’d be excited to own one from you. Oh my, an artsy necklace is everything, especially the designer ones. If you buy this, he might rarely take it off from his neck, which is a good thing, because it means he adores you and the gift you brought.

Whatever gift you decide to buy for him, know that having each other is the best of all gifts. Have an amazing valentine’s day, and may your love grow bigger and richer.

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